BoA Business...

.. is a community of more than 400 businesses based in and around Bradford on Avon in Wiltshire.

Membership is free and open to all businesses in the area.

The group was formerly the Chamber of Commerce. At its AGM on 18th March 2015, the Chamber voted unanimously to end paying subscriptions as a basis of membership and to create a new, open and more informal business community.


Our aims are:

1) To create an effective network based on mutual support to help each other develop our businesses

2) To give business a voice on the key issues effecting Bradford on Avon and surrounding villages.

3) To run a calendar of events that encourage businesses to share concerns and celebrate successes, while providing networking opportunities in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

4) To contribute positively to the economic and social sustainability of the town by supporting community events.




Who we are

We are an open membership business community that is free to join. We invite all businesses based in Bradford on Avon and the surrounding area to get involved.

To join, we just need your email address - or follow us on Twitter - or join our LinkedIn group.

You will be invited to events, asked for your views and invited to contribute in any way you like. At present, our events and breakfasts are run at cost.

Positive ideas

The success of this business group relies on wider participation and a supportive enthusiasm for getting things done.

We believe in a positive view of the town. We encourage constructive ideas and solutions that help drive progress and beneficial change.

If you have a good idea, why not start the ball rolling yourself and we will help you roll it further? We probably know someone who can help!


To foster an active business community we hold a series of events each month.

If you have an idea for an event, please share them with us.


Local Election Hustings

7.30pm Thursday 27th April

(doors open at 7pm)

at St Margaret's Hall

One of our main objectives as a group is to engage with local politicians to promote the interest of businesses in the Bradford on Avon area.

We have invited all political parties standing in the local elections to particiapte in a hustings. There will be up to two candidates from each party taking questions fom the floor on issues relating to Bradford on Avon.

This event is free and open to the public. Anyone is welcome to attend.

This is your chance to ask and to hear candidates explain their plans for our town.


The next Business Breakfast

is at 8am on Friday 19th May

at the Weaving Shed

Our May business breakfast will by the river at the excellent Weaving Shed in Kingston Mill.

The Weaving Shed is run by Richard and Natasha. Chef Richard has worked in Michelin starrred restaurant L'Atelier and also Gordon Ramsey's kitchen at Claridges; so you know that the food will be very good!

As you would expect, The Weaving Shed has garnered rave reviews.

"Fantastic menu, incredible food, attentive staff. It had the wow factor."

There will be a choice of cooked breakfast, or freshly baked pastries and coffee or tea.

Please pre-book before 11pm on Wednesday 17th May.



These are informal events. No talks, no name badges, no referrals. Just local businesses getting to know each other better. All businesses are welcome - you don't have to be based in the Bradford on Avon area to attend.

Business Breakfasts are normally held on the third Thursday or Friday of the month at various locations in and around Bradford on Avon. Past venues have included Cumberwell Park, Widbrook Grange Hotel, Fat Fowl, Glove Factory Studios, Timbrells Yard, The George at Woolley, the Boathouse, The Swan, The Bunch of Grapes, Sebastien's, The Weaving Shed, Bridge Tea Rooms, Woolley Grange Hotel and Hartley Farm.


Dementia Friends Information Session for businesses

5.30pm for 6pm start on 18th May

at the Fat Fowl

This year there will be 850,000 people living with dementia in the UK and over 21 million people know someone affected by the condition. All these people are customers or potential customers, and businesses which can become ‘dementia friendly’ are much more likely to retain and gain customers who are affected by dementia.

Being dementia friendly means enabling and supporting people with dementia and their carers to feel comfortable using businesses. It can be something as simple as taking a bit more time when serving someone, helping someone shop, having seats for people who are tired or making sure that signage is accessible to people with dementia to help them find their way around.

The easiest way to start becoming dementia friendly is to do a Dementia Friends Information Session. These free hour-long sessions provide an awareness and understanding of dementia that is invaluable to customer facing staff. Almost 2  million people around the country have already become Dementia Friends, and we are hoping that many more will join them.

As part of the BoA Business Awards 2017 there will be an award for the most dementia friendly business in the area. Come along to this interactive session to find out how your business can become more dementia friendly and put itself in the running for this award.

The Dementia Friends Information Session at the Fat Fowl will take place from 6-7pm on Thursday 18th May, and will be run by Claire Thomas from the Wiltshire charity, Alzheimer’s Support.  For more information contact or 01225 776481




Our next meeting will be

6.00pm Wednesday 10th May

at the Swan

Monthly meetings are limited to an hour and are action based. They offer the chance to review where we are and to generate ideas for the future. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Everyone is welcome - it is not a closed committee! Please do come along and find out what we are hoping to achieve and please feel free to contribute any ideas. Meetings are limited to one hour.

Previous Action Plans can be read here.


If you feel as though you can contribute in any way with any of these initiatives, please do get in touch.



A voice for business

BoA Business has a key role to play in the community. We want to give the town’s business community a strong voice that will be listened to on issues of importance both to the business community and the people of Bradford on Avon.

A successful town provides a balance between the needs and aspirations of all parts of the community. As wealth generators, employers and providers of goods and services to residents and other businesses locally and globally, Bradford on Avon’s businesses have much to offer.

BoA Business aims to be the catalyst and driving force for beneficial change that will benefit and help to improve the town and surrounding villages. It is in our own interest that we succeed in this.

We maintain close contact with all relevant external influencers, including Town Councillors, Wiltshire Councillors and our MP. We actively contribute to the Town Council’s Economic Development and Tourism Working Groups.

Increasing footfall

Our overriding and immediate objective is to increase footfall in the town. Increasing footfall helps retailers, hospitality and service businesses to develop successfully. This in turn leads to a vibrant community where people want to live, work and spend their money. We campaign to increase footfall in three ways:

a) Make it easier to come into town (improving transport, safety, parking, signage)

b) Provide good reasons to come into town (organising events, appealing shops, great places to eat and drink and watch the world go by)

c) Encourage more businesses to base themselves in the area.


Complete our survey

Get Involved


Becoming a member is easy and free!

Send us your email address (see below) and you will be included in all communications. Or, if your inbox is too full, you can follow us on Twitter or join our LinkedIn group.

We also welcome all contributions, whether helping to organise events or providing constructive ideas that you are prepared to help bring to fruition

Above all, we want your passionate involvement in making this town the business success we all want to see.



Chair - Andrew Eberlin, Brighterside

Vice Chair - Ruth Warren, Fetch Pet Shop

Treasurer and Secretary - David Allan

Jackie Allan, Piha

Helen Davies, Pink Flamingo Shopper

Gerald Milward-Oliver

Tim Rogers, Antony Best Dynamics

James Sullivan-Tailyour - Swan Hotel

Sue Thomson, Make it Happen



We are very grateful to one of Bradford on Avon's most innovative companies, AB Dynamics, who have generously provided funding and support for BoA Business.

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